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The Queensland government has a clear policy on the contracting-out of services, which aims to ensure that public services are delivered efficiently and effectively while also maintaining public accountability and transparency.

Under the policy, government agencies are required to ensure that any outsourcing of services is subject to a rigorous evaluation process, which takes into account factors such as the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing, the potential risks, the impact on service quality, and the legal, ethical, and social implications of outsourcing.

In addition, government agencies are required to ensure that any outsourced services are delivered in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines, and that service providers are held accountable for meeting these standards. This includes ensuring that appropriate performance measures are in place, and that service providers are subject to regular monitoring, review, and evaluation.

The Queensland government also places a strong emphasis on promoting local industry participation in government contracts, with a particular focus on supporting small and medium-sized businesses. To this end, government agencies are required to consider local industry participation when evaluating tenders, and are encouraged to work with local businesses to identify opportunities for them to participate in government contracts.

At the same time, the Queensland government recognizes that outsourcing can lead to job losses and other negative impacts, particularly in regional areas where there may be limited employment opportunities. To mitigate these impacts, the government has put in place measures such as the Local Industry Policy, which aims to maximize local benefits from government contracts by giving preference to local suppliers and contractors.

Overall, the Queensland government`s policy on the contracting-out of services aims to balance the need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the need for public accountability, transparency, and social responsibility. By ensuring that outsourcing decisions are made on the basis of a rigorous and transparent evaluation process, and by promoting local industry participation and mitigating negative impacts, the government is working to ensure that public services are delivered in the most effective and responsible way possible.