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As a writer or copy editor, it is essential to ensure that your sentences agree. In grammar, sentence agreement refers to the match between a subject and its verb. This means that the subject and the verb must always be in harmony in terms of their numbers and persons. For instance, if the subject is singular, the corresponding verb should also be singular. Similarly, if the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural. Here are some reasons why sentence agreement is important.

1. Clarity

The primary reason why sentence agreement is important is that it helps convey clear and concise meaning. If the subject and verb are not in agreement, the sentence can become confusing, and its intended meaning can become unclear. A reader or listener may have to read or hear the sentence multiple times to understand its intended meaning.

2. Grammatical correctness

Sentence agreement is a fundamental aspect of grammar, and it is essential to ensure that your writing is grammatically correct. When your sentences exhibit proper agreement, it indicates that you have a good understanding of grammar rules and that you are knowledgeable about the nuances of the English language.

3. Professionalism

Having proper sentence agreement in your writing shows professionalism and attention to detail. It demonstrates that you have taken the time to proofread your work and ensure that everything is correct. This can leave a positive impression on your readers and colleagues, and it can help you build a reputation as a competent and meticulous writer.

4. SEO factors

Sentence agreement can also have an impact on your search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google use algorithms to rank websites based on several factors, including keyword usage, readability, and grammar. When your content has proper sentence agreement, it can improve your website`s readability and increase the chances of it ranking higher in search engine results pages. This can ultimately lead to increased traffic and better search engine rankings.

In conclusion, sentence agreement is an essential aspect of writing, and it should not be overlooked. It is crucial to ensure that your sentences agree to convey clear meaning, maintain grammatical correctness, exhibit professionalism, and improve your SEO. As a copy editor or writer, you should always make it a priority to check your work for proper sentence agreement and correct any errors you find.